Dr. Madhan Kumar Srinivasan, Ph.D., EPBA (IIM Calcutta)
CEO & Co-founder, Wise Work, a Futuristic Innovation Company

TITLE: “A Trillion-Dollar Dream of an Indian CEO: 20+ Years Journey of a Futuristic Technopreneur”

Friday, 10th November 2023
4:00 PM (Tea/Coffee at 3:45 PM)

VENUE: Seminar Hall, Department of Management Studies, IISc.

This session will briefly narrate the 20+ years journey of Dr.Madhan Kumar Srinivasan, CEO and a futuristic tech innovator with 98 international patents. Driven by his vision of ‘Empowering Humanity using Innovation and Technology’, Dr.Madhan is an early entrepreneur, who started his first company when he was in grad school. From then on, his entrepreneurial journey has had multiple twists and turns that form the rest of the session narrative. In his 20+ years of professional journey, he has built India’s 1st Private Cloud, been awarded as Top 100 Scientists from the UK, and built and expanded businesses in the US, Europe, Asia & Middle East. His influence extends globally, having advised and consulted for prominent organizations, ministries, banks, and educational institutions in countries such as India, Singapore, the United States, Europe, Jordan, Oman, and Philippines. Some notable recognitions are ‘Accenture Prolific Inventor’, ‘Accenture Epic Inventor’, ‘Infosys Cloud Tech Guru’, and ‘Inspiring Teacher Award’. Come, join us to learn about the inspiring story of Dr.Madhan, a patriotic Indian, and his Trillion-Dollar dream.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Madhan Kumar Srinivasan, an IIM-Calcutta alumnus & Accenture Prolific Inventor (Title-of-Honor given by Accenture), is a Serial Entrepreneur of 5 companies and an Inventor of 98 Patents that are Commercially Successful Products in the USA, Europe/UK, Australia Singapore & India regions & 50 Patents Granted in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Ireland,Australia & India. He has built a multi-million-dollar business from scratch and served 300+ international clients worldwide including many Fortune 500 companies resulting in $100+ Millions in cost savings annually. He was invited to the 2023 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos, Switzerland as part of the Business Leadership Delegation. He is the Founder &Creator of Accenture’s Cloud AI capabilities/business line. Developed and deployed the 1st Cloud AI product in the Accenture Cloud Platform, ACP, the flagship cloud product of Accenture. He is a pioneer and part of India’s Cloud Success Story, who built the first private cloud in India at Infosys in 2011. Serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and 30+ research publications, he is currently the ‘CEO & Co-founder’ of Wise Work, a Futuristic Innovation Company, ‘Co-founder & CTO’ of Hue Learn Singapore (a Cognitive EdNext Company) & DNAi World (a Heath Tech Startup), ‘National Advisor’,Project VisioNxt, Govt. of India, ‘Advisory Board Member’ at Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK and the ‘Founder Member’ of Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India (CCICI). Before Wise Work, he has served organizations like Accenture Innovation Hub (AVP & Lead – Cloud AI & Patents), GSTF Singapore (Asst. Director – Technology), Infosys (Sr. Member – Research), and Max Tecz Corporation & Max eComm Solutions (CEO & Co-founder). He advises and consults large organizations, Ministries, Banks, Startups,Universities / Educational Institutions in Govt of India, Govt of Singapore, US, Europe, Jordan, Oman, and the Philippines. He holds a Ph.D. in Cloud Computing from Hindustan University, India, and an Executive Management program EPBA from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-Cal), India. papers, seminars, and workshops in more than 100 International Conferences and Public Speaking Events worldwide.