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Setting Standards of Excellence in Management Education & Research.
Completed Diamond Jubilee Year and marching towards Platinum Jubilee.


  • A Diploma Program was started (DIISc) in 1954-55 designed solely for the executives of Public sector
  • The Section of Industrial Engineering and Administration was set up in 1957
  • This represents the earliest attempt at an academic program in management for India’s industrial enterprises by systematically training manpower and generating knowledge.

1960s & 1970s:

  • In 1960 a research program was introduced known as Master of IISc.
  • In 1965 the Section of Economics and Social Sciences and the Industrial Engineering & Administration were merged to form “Department of Industrial Management”.
  • Introduction of one year PG Diploma in 1967.
  • During this period, the Department research was further broadened to include management problems of R&D organizations, sophisticated science based industries and the development of science policy in the country.


  • During 1982-1985 focus on national issues including Public Sector Enterprises, Economic Planning and Small Scale Industries.
  • In 1985, Industrial Management was renamed as Department of Management Studies
  • One year Diploma Program replaced by one and a half year M.Tech Program in Management Studies.


  • The Department research focus was further broadened to include energy planning by adopting a bottom-up approach and by integrating technologies of energy supply and energy efficiency and internalizing environmental concerns. Another new contribution was on rural technologies.
  • In 1990 the Operations Research Society of India Bangalore Chapter was set up and a national conference was conducted.
  • The research program got diversified by including problem solving approaches employing OR methods.
  • National Doctoral Consortium in Management Research for students was formed in 1997 and a national level research conference for management research students was conducted in 1997 & 1998.


  • MBA program introduced
  • Integration of Foreign Languages section
  • Re-introduction of National Doctoral Consortium in the form of Consortium of Students in Management Research (COSMAR) in 2001
  • COSMAR Conference has become an annual event of the Department since then
  • NIPM Conference.
  • Cyber Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Expert Panel Discussions on the Union Budget
  • IISc-Max Planck Institute of Economics Conference
  • IISc -University of Minnesota: Technology Management Workshop
  • International Collaboration with George Mason University and Pforzheim Business School

2010s and beyond:

  • M.Mgt program replaces the MBA program
  • Specialization in Business Analytics and Technology Management

In the recent years, the Department has received sponsorship for research and consultancy projects from:

International agencies such as The World Bank, European Union, UNDP, DFID, FASID, SIDA & USAID.
Central and State Governments: Ministry of Statistics, MOEF, MCIT, Government of India, Ministry of Education, Government of Karnataka, etc.
Public Sector Enterprises and other national organizations such as, BEL, BHEL, Canara Bank, Central Silk Board, CIVIC, CPRI, DRDO, DST, HKADB,, ISRO, KPCL, etc.

Private Enterprises: ACE Designers, Brigade Group, HLL, Infosys, Liquid Crystal Pvt. Ltd., etc.

As of now Research focus covers:

  • Empirical Finance and Applied Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Computational Finance & Financial Risk Management
  • R&D Management & Knowledge Management
  • Strategic Management & Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Industrial Economics: SMEs and Innovation
  • Management of Intellectual property
  • Project Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Energy Policy and Management
  • Public Policy
  • Operations Management
  • Language for Specific Studies
  • Organization Behavior