PG Diploma

Sl. No Author Course Title Supervisor(s) Year
1 Lamba, K R PG. Dip. Evaluation of Plant Layout of a Factory Manufacturing: A very complex product K.N. Krishnaswamy 1970
2 Gera, Kuldeep Prakash PG. Dip. Study of machine utilisation in an engineering industry   1970
3 Rajagopalan, P PG. Dip. Analysis for multiproduct batch production scheduling K.N. Krishnaswamy 1971
4 Rathnasabapathy, S PG. Dip. Study for setting up standards in an tool room K.N. Krishnaswamy 1972
5 Jaya Moily, P PG. Dip. Study of Perceived Organizational climate in an instiution of higher learning T. Ganguly 1974