PG Diploma

Sl. No Author Course Title Supervisor(s) Year
1 Lamba, K R PG. Dip. Evaluation of Plant Layout of a Factory Manufacturing: A very complex product K.N. Krishnaswamy 1970
2 Gera, Kuldeep Prakash PG. Dip. Study of machine utilisation in an engineering industry 1970
3 Rajagopalan, P PG. Dip. Analysis for multiproduct batch production scheduling K.N. Krishnaswamy 1971
4 Rathnasabapathy, S PG. Dip. Study for setting up standards in an tool room K.N. Krishnaswamy 1972
5 Jaya Moily, P PG. Dip. Study of Perceived Organizational climate in an instiution of higher learning T. Ganguly 1974
6 Lakshminarayanan, N PG. Dip. Computers in Bangalore an Economic Analysis N. Somasekhara 1975
7 Sudhama, A PG. Dip. Production Scheduling of a Complex Electronic Product K.N. Krishnaswamy 1975
8 Lakshmanan, Prasad PG. Dip. Production Planning for an Electronics company optimal Product mix K.N. Krishnaswamy 1975
9 Parate, U V PG. Dip. Manpower Planning at a Company Level K.N. Krishnaswamy 1976
10 Harish Kumar PG. Dip. Prospective Market for Metal soap and organotin stabilisers in P V C Industry S.M. Khot 1976
11 Santhanalakshmi, V PG. Dip. Study on Mobility of Managers and Supervisors in Industrial Organizations Santhanalakshmi, V 1978
12 Bajracharya, U PG. Dip. Management Information System in Medium Sized Industries-An Analysis T. Ganguly 1979
13 Lalitha Shivaji, S PG. Dip. Technology and Economic Development N. Somasekhara 1980
14 H.N, Nagaraja PG. Dip. Ergonomics in Machine Design T. Ganguly 1981
15 Sam, Mani P PG. Dip. System Study of a Light Engineering Division of an Electrical Industry K.N. Krishnaswamy 1981
16 Tamilsaran, N PG. Dip. Two Studies in Manpower Planning K.N. Krishnaswamy 1981
17 Narasimhan, A PG. Dip. Development of a Computer Based Inventory Information System V.S. Santhamani 1982
18 Rajan. S PG. Dip. Estimation of Manpower Requirement: Simulating Absebteeism and Machine Breakdowns V.S. Santhamani 1982
19 Ramesh. V PG. Dip. Design of a Line of Balance System to be Used on a Computer for Monitoring the Production of a Complex Electronic Equipment V.S. Santhamani 1982
20 Ilango. T PG. Dip. Design of Comsig- A Computerised Small Company Management Game K.N. Krishnaswamy 1983
21 Madhumohan. S PG. Dip. Study Managerial Careers in Relation to Organizational Growth in Large Public Sector Under Taking K.B. Akhilesh 1983
22 Mohanty.  Narendra PG. Dip. Factors Affecting the Implementation of Management Science Models/Methods in Industry V.S. Santhamani 1983
23 Mathalairajan. G PG. Dip. Development of SIMAG: A Computerised General Management Game K.N. Krishnaswamy 1983
24 Chaudhari. Sadanand. J PG. Dip. Longitudinal Study of Organizational Growth and Effectiveness in a Large Public Sector Undertaking K.B. Akhilesh 1984
25 Choudhary. Sunil Kumar PG. Dip. Diagnostic Study of Decision-Making Styles Using Cognitive Maps K.N. Krishnaswamy and V.S. Shanthamani 1984
26 Jain. Abhaya Kumar PG. Dip. Problem of Noise and Its Influence on Hearing Ability of Employees: A Diagnostic Study T. Ganguly 1984
27 Jeyaraman. T.S PG. Dip. Design and Development of a Production/Operations Management Game: POM Game K.N. Krishnaswamy 1984
28 Khanwalkar. D.S PG. Dip. Computerised Algorithm for Daily Sequencing of a Job Shop for Effective Capacity Utilization K.N. Krishnaswamy 1984
29 Natarajan. N PG. Dip. Case Study of Controls in Computer Systems: Inter-Branch Reconciliation in Banks V. Rajaraman 1984
30 Patil. Krishna Kumar PG. Dip. Project Management Chart for Ceramic Brake Pad Project S.C. Keshu 1984
31 Raikar. Prakash N PG. Dip. Study of Financial Management with Special Reference to Working Capital Management in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore O.R. Krishnaswamy 1984
32 Rajagopal. Chakravarthy R PG. Dip. Consumer Behaviour Towards Toothpaste in Bangalore City: A Marketing Audit O.R.Krishnaswamy 1984
33 Rajendra. H.B PG. Dip. Capacity  Related Problems in Tool Planning K.N. Krishnaswamy 1984
34 Ravishankar. H.V PG. Dip. System Analysis of a Printing and Publishing Organization: A PPC Approach K.N. Krishnamurthy 1984
35 Sen Gupta. Sourav Kumar PG. Dip. Study of Organizational Climate and its Relation to Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Job Involvement T. Ganguly 1984
36 Vynatheya. B PG. Dip. Computerised Time Estimation for Manufacture of Aircraft Tools to Assist Incentive Calculations S.C. Keshu 1984
37 Philip. Joseph PG. Dip. Achievement Motivation and Intellectual Efficiency in an Insitute of Higher Learning V S Shanthamani 1984
38 Adkoli. Sudheer R PG. Dip. Application of Non Linear Programming in the Development of Efficient Portfolios from Securities B.G. Raghavendra 1984
39 Koshy. Bijosh PG. Dip. Study and Analysis of the Organizational Growth of Large Public Sector Understanding K.B. Akhilesh 1985
40 Paul. Pallab Kumar PG. Dip. Study of Motivational Factors and Performance of Scientific Personnel in R & D Organizations T. Ganguly 1985
41 Prakash. S PG. Dip. Linear Programme Applied to Textile Industry B.G. Raghavendra 1985
42 Rajugopal Shreedhar. N.M PG. Dip. Study of Personnel Policies in Relation to Organizational Performance in State Government Undertaking K.B. Akhilesh 1985
43 Ramani. V.V PG. Dip. Design Management Information System for Production Reporting in an Aircraft Industry S.C. Keshu 1985
44 Rao. P. Muralidhara PG. Dip. Study of the Utilisation of NC/CNC Machine Tools S.C. Keshu 1985
45 Sridhar. S PG. Dip. Linear Programme Approach to Media Planning B.G. Raghavendra 1985
46 Thangavelu. P PG. Dip. Study on Job Diagnostic Survey in a Banking Industry K.B. Akhilesh 1985
47 Umesh. B.S PG. Dip. Man Power Assessment for an Aircraft Industry S.C. Keshu 1985
48 Asuti. S.E PG. Dip. Efficient Allocation of Vehicles to Depots: An Integer Programming Approach B.G. Raghavendra 1986
49 B.S. Kiran PG. Dip. Energy Audit and Conservation Studies to Improve Utilisation of Available Electrical Energy S.C. Keshu 1986
50 M.V. Padmavathi PG. Dip. Dynamic Programming Approach to Media Planning B.G. Raghavendra 1986
51 Mathias. Jayant R PG. Dip. Study of Production Planning and Control System for a Multi product Engineering Company S.C. Keshu 1986
52 N. Sudhakar PG. Dip. Real Time Monitoring In Sheet Metal Shop: A Study S.C. Keshu 1986
53 Nair. K Meena PG. Dip. Principles of Management Used by the Traditional Shopkeeper A.K.N. Reddy 1986
54 Padmanabhan. B PG. Dip. Marketing Plan for a Medium Scale Firm N. Somasekhara 1986
55 Ramakrishnan. A PG. Dip. Consumer Behaviour Towards Study in Talcum Powder-Formulation of Marketing Strategy to Improve Market Share of Lakme’s Talc 1986
56 Rammohan. Lakshman PG. Dip. Design of Inventory System for a Tool-Room K.N. Krishnaswamy and B.G. Raghavendra 1986
57 Subramaniam. S PG. Dip. Design of an Operations Management Game with Human Behaviour Dimensions-Comb K.N. Krishnaswamy 1986
58 Ramakrishnan. N PG. Dip. Development of a Project management Information System for a Consultancy Centre K.N. Krishnaswamy 1986

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