Sl. No. Author Course Title Supervisor(s) Year
1 Raghavan, Geeta M.Sc Transfer of Technology From R & D Organizations to Manufacturing: A Study From Donor’s Point of View A.S. Ramasastry 1981
2 Ravi Shankar, V M.Sc Empirical Investigation of the Applicability of Sampling Techniques for Inventory Valuation by Computer Simulation A.S. Ramasastry 1981
3 Ravindra A.S M.Sc Financial Structure and Performance of corporate small Companies- A Comparative Study S.M. Khot 1982
4 Girdonia D.P M.Sc Alternate Approach to Project Planning and Control: A Case for Method of Potentials K.N. Krishnasawmy 1983
5 Karthikeyan G M.Sc Allocation of Skilled Assembly Manpower Under Proportionality Restrictions K.N. Krishanaswamy 1986
6 Vijayakumar Prince D. M.Sc Decision-Making Styles of Executives-A Study in Indian Manufacturing Organizations K. N Krishnaswamy 1986
7 Ghosh Paresh Chandra M.Sc Diagnostic Study of Physiological Cost of Manual Material Handling Operations T. Ganguly 1988
8 S Vissa Raghavendra Sai M.Sc Statistical Models for Rainfall Data Analysis of Reservoir Systems B.G. Raghavendra & A.K.N Reddy 1988
9 Sridhar H. K M.Sc Influence of Lot Sizing on Lead Time Error costs in M.R.P Systems: A Computer Simulation Study K.N. Krishnasawmy 1988
10 Rajarama Madhyasta U M.Sc Development of an advanced corporate planning model N. Somasekhara & K. V Ramachandra 1989
11 Chiplunkar Vrinda V M.Sc Class of Optimization Models for Effective Media Planning B.G. Raghavendra 1989
12 Rajamuralitharan A M.Sc Scheduling in a Job Shop with a Single Hierarchial Machine Centre K.N. Krishnasawmy 1989
13 Subramanya Swamy P K M.Sc Comparative Study and Assessment of Human Resource Development Practices as Perceived by Scientists and Engineers K.B. Akhilesh 1990
14 Arivalagan A M.Sc Mathematical Programming Models for Efficient Energy Planning in Paper Industry B.G. Raghavendra 1991
15 Das Dilip K M.Sc Approach to Evaluation and Selection of R & D Projects for New Products B.G. Raghavendra 1991
16 Jayrajan C.K M.Sc Construction of a Market Index Efficient Portfolios and a Test for Capital Market Efficiency B.G. Raghavendra 1993
17 Rao Sandya M.Sc Diffusion Approach to Modelling the Adoption of Bivoltine Silk Technology B.G. Raghavendra 1993
18 Raghavendra Anirudh M.Sc Heuristics for Routing Vehicles for Large-Scale Employee Transportation Jayram K. Sankaran 1994
19 Ganesh Ram B M.Sc Periodic Controlled Order Release in Dynamic Job Shops-Analysis and Simulation Jayram K. Sankaran 1995
20 Narasima Murthy K.V M.Sc Manufacturing Strategy in Indian Industrial Organization: An Exploratory Study of Two Sectors K.N. Krishnasawmy & K.B. Akhilesh 1995
21 Srivastha H.S M.Sc Determinants of Subscription Levels of Indian IPOs K. Chandrasekhar 1996
22 Tambe Pratap M.Sc Testing Arbitrage Pricing Theory for the Indian Market K. Chandrasekhar 1996
23 Venugopal S M.Sc Analysis of Uncertainties and Profitability of Operations in the Silk Reeling Industry through Simulation and Optimization Models B.G. Raghavendra & R. Srinivasan 1996
24 Mathew David G M.Sc On the Impact of Fundamental Variables in the Determination of Stock Returns in India K. Chandrasekhar 1997
25 Balachandra P M.Sc Electricity Supply-Demand Matching: An Integrated Approach Vijay Chandru 1997
26 Mundal Priyadarshini M.Sc Criteria for Advertising Agency Selection in India: An Objective Appraisal R. Srinivasan & N. Somashekhara 1997
27 Ravi E.T.V M.Sc Issues in the Planning of Strategic Information Systems: An Exploratory Study R. Srinivasan 1998
28 Rao Mrunalini S M.Sc Identification of Key Factors of User Satisfaction for Banking Software Products and Development of an Importance-Performance Map R. Srinivasan 2000
29 Prasanna Shrinivas V M.Sc Pricing Multicast Network Services Vijay Chandru 2001
30 Roy Debjit M.Sc Stochastic Models for Stock Rationing in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan 2002
31 Seenappa K M.Sc Assessment of Factors Influencing Production and Marketing of Groundnut and Sunflower in Peninsular India R. Srinivasan 2002
32 Sharma Srikrishna M.Sc Implementing Interoperable Smart Card Based Infrastructure for Health Care Vijay Chandru 2002
33 Shariful Alam M.Sc Prediction of Bond Ratings using Statistical and Neural Network Techniques Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay 2003
34 D Kumar M.Sc Knowledge Management Initiatives and Their Relationship with Organizational Innovativeness Mary Mathew 2003
35 Kiranjan Rajarathna M.Sc Design of a Novel Automated Approach for Software usability testing N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan 2004
36 Mitter Lakshmi M.Sc Technological Innovation and Economic Performance in Small-Scale Precision Engineering Industry M H Balasubrahmanya 2005
37 Chittari Prassana Kumar M.Sc Novel Approaches for Demand Forecasting in Semiconductor Manufacturing N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan 2007
38 S. Srinidhi M.Sc Scheduling in a Heat Treatment shop to maximize kiln utilization N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan 2007
39 Girirengan M.Sc Dynamic Control Mechanism for Customer Buy-Down Behavior Parthasarathy Ramachandran 2007
40 Chandra Sen Mazumdar M.Sc Performance Evaluation of Skill-based routing in an inbound call center using Stochastic Petrinets N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan 2007
41 Vidosh Sarup M.Sc Do-it-yourself market in India: Exploring development and servicing of demand for products related to household painting and carpentry Anjula Gurtoo 2008
42 Sharada B M.Sc Social Capital and its Impact on new venture performance Parameshwar P. Iyer 2010
43 Ankit Garg M.Sc Environment Friendliness & Recycling Options For Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Televisions Parameshwar P. Iyer 2011
44 Srikanth Krishna Prasad M.Sc Building Flexibility Into Product Development Teams: Role of Structural Antecedents on the Efficiency of the Teams K.B. Akhilesh 2012
45 Pratheeba S M.Sc A Theoretical Framework to Measure Diffusion in Intermediary B2B Market: A Case of Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) Mary Mathew 2012