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Classification Of Liver Injury Patients

Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay 2021
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127 Aditya Vikram Mmgt Scene Text Image Super Resolution & Text Recognition Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay 2021
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132 Nishanth C Mmgt Predicting the time to switch along with the next mobile phone brand a consumer is most likely to buy Parthasarathy Ramachandran 2021
133 Prashant Mishra Mmgt Prediction of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Patient Journey using Real World Data Shashi Jain 2021
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135 Surya V Mmgt Capacitated Vehicle Routing with Time Windows Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay 2021
136 Varun K Mmgt Statistical Arbitrage in the Indian Equity Market Shashi Jain 2021