Sl. No. Author Course Title Supervisor(s) Year
1 Bajaj Atul M.Tech Efficient Plywood Constructions Using Computer-Oriented Optimization Methods B.G. Raghavendra 1988
2 Baokar Abhay M.Tech Optimization of Vehicles and Crew Scheduling in Large Scale Undertakings B.G. Raghavendra 1988
3 Garudachar Susham M.Tech Development of a Diagnostic Instrument and a Survey of R & D Team Functioning in a Public Sector Undertaking K.B. Akhilesh 1988
4 Gupta Sharad K M.Tech Development of a Generic Personnel and Behavioural Information System Using Personal computer K.B. Akhilesh 1988
5 Ravindran A.R M.Tech Simulation Study of Production Scheduling in a Hierarchial Job Shop K.N. Krishnaswamy 1988
6 Sreenivas N.S M.Tech System Study on Production Planning and Control-Two Case Studies K.N. Krishnaswamy 1988
7 Aiyer Suresh M.Tech New Product Proposals: An Integrated Computer-Based Model for Strategic Planning K.B. Ahkilesh 1989
8 Attar Ashfaq Ahmed M.Tech Study of Capacity Planning, Batch Sizing, and Time Errors in Material Requirements Planning K.N. Krishnaswamy 1989
9 Bhagwat Ravindra M.Tech Competition, Strategy, and Performance Dynamics in a Consumer Durable Industry N.Somasekhara 1989
10 E. Suresh Babu M.Tech Analytical Study of Astra OLE Diffusion Programme K.N.Krishnaswamy & A.K.N Reddy 1989
11 Kochikar V.P M.Tech Routing a Fleet of Vehicles from a Central Facility B.G. Raghavendra 1989
12 Kumarasamy H M.Tech Energy Audit in Textile Industry Galdyes Sumitra 1989
13 P. Ajit M.Tech Decision Support System for Selecting an Optimal Multi-Media Plan B.G. Raghavendra 1989
14 Panjabi Tilakraj H M.Tech Industrial Noise and its Impact on Hearing Ability T. Ganguly 1989
15 Prabhakara Rao K.V M.Tech Potential for Co-Generation of Electricity in the Sugar Industry Karnataka A.K.N. Reddy 1989
16 Shiroor Ravindranath K M.Tech Study of Quality Circles Development of an Instrument to Assess Need Fulfilment of QCs and Non-QCs Members K.B. Ahkilesh 1989
17 Srinath R M.Tech Project Network Scheduling Under Resource Constraints A.K.N Reddy 1989
18 V. Rama Rao M.Tech Market Analysis and Economic Feasibility Study for a New Product Line A.K.N Reddy & VijayPadaki 1989
19 Charan Reddy K.S.R M.Tech Study of the Distribution Channels for Electrical Equipment O.R.Krishnaswami 1989
20 Gana Sekaran T.R M.Tech Planning and Performance Evaluation of an FMS: A Simulation Modelling Approach N. Viswanadham & Y. Narahari 1990
21 Hemamalini S M.Tech Some Short Term Financial Optimization Models B.G. Raghavendra 1990
22 Indira A M.Tech Econometric Modelling for Corporate Planning N. Somashekhara 1990
23 J.V.S Dattatreya M.Tech Study of the Demand Pattern of Small Range Generator Sets K.N. Krishnaswamy 1990
24 Joshi Deepak Kumar M.Tech Model Based Management Information System for Production Planning and Man-Power Allocation A.K.N. Reddy 1990
25 Khare Dhanajay D M.Tech In-Process Inventory Related Production Control Studies K.N. Krishnaswamy 1990
26 Ram C.S M.Tech Price Stabilisation and Decision Support Models in Sericulture and Silk Industry B.G. Raghavendra 1990
27 Sethunath R M.Tech Influence of Production Plan Changes on Shop Backlog: A Computer Simulation Model K.N. Krishnaswamy 1990
28 Aggarwal Munish K M.Tech Evaluation of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Using Multiattribute Decision Aiding Technique N. Vishwanadham 1991
29 Nandi Saikat Kumar M.Tech Effect of Flexibility on the Value of FMS N. Vishwanadham 1991
30 Prasad P.D M.Tech Evaluation of a Technological Change Process K.B. Akhilesh 1991
31 S Gandhara Sharma M.Tech Computerisation of Material Information System and Analysis of Inventory Policy-A Computer Simulation Study N. Vishwanadham 1991
32 Sarkar Aurobindo M.Tech Some Decision Support Models for Advertising Media Planning B.G. Raghavendra 1991
33 Siva Sankar Sharma S M.Tech Management of Work-in-Process Inventory in an Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company Jayram K. Sankaran 1991
34 Srinivasan G M.Tech Scheduling of Made-to-Order and Made-to-Stock Items in an Assembly Job Shop: A Computer Simulation Approach O.R. Krishnaswamy 1991
35 Sudhakar T M.Tech Comparative Costing of Alternative Sources of Irrigation A.K.N. Reddy 1991
36 Vaidya Krishna M.Tech Goal Programming Based Interactive Production Planning System O.R. Krishnaswamy 1991
37 Virani Bhavyesh N M.Tech Decision Support Models for a Silk Filature Unit B.G. Raghavendra 1991
38 A Raghu M.Tech Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of computerised Production/Inventory Games in Unix/C-Prosim-C and INCOG K.N.Krishnaswamy 1992
39 G Saji M.Tech Development of a Decision Support System for Corporate Manpower Planning B.G. Raghacendra 1992
40 Mukherjee Iman M.Tech Environmental Pathway Analysis of Automotive Lead Dilip Ahuja & N. Somasekhara 1992
41 Pallia Srinivas M.Tech Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of computerised Production Control Games in Unix/C-PROLOG and Prosim-C K.N.Krishnaswamy 1992
42 Partha Shashank M.Tech Computer-Aided Routing System: A Decision Support System for Vehicle Routing B.G. Raghacendra & Jayaram K. Sankaran 1992
43 Ramakrishna Y M.Tech Design of an Expert System for Flowship Scheduling K.N.Krishnaswamy 1992
44 Ramana L.V M.Tech Industry and Competitive Advantage Analysis: Generation of Important Strategy Inputs for an Automobile Manufacturer V.S. Shanthamani 1992
45 Srinivasan Rammohan M.Tech Decision Support Models for Portfolio Management Jayaram K. Sankaran 1992
46 Gupta Deepak M.Tech Short-Term Financial Planning for N.G.E.F N. Somasekhara 1993
47 Kamat Arun A M.Tech Process Control for a Cement Plant to Optimize the Raw Meal Mix Jayram K Sankaran 1993
48 Kireeti Reddy D M.Tech Vehicle Routing at Nilgiri’s Dairy Jayram K Sankaran 1993
49 Kulkarni Nagaraj G M.Tech Integrated Inventory Replenishment Strategies K.N. Krishnaswamy 1993
50 M.S Gowrish M.Tech Computer Vehicle Routing System for Goods Distribution for Lipton India Limited Jayram K Sankaran 1993
51 Nabar Rajesh A M.Tech Measuring the Effectiveness of an Advertising Campaign for Quartz Watches R. Srinivasan 1993
52 Nevatia D.P M.Tech MANp Plan: A Decision Support System for Corporate Manpower Planning B.G. Raghavendra 1993
53 Raikar Vivek M M.Tech Channel Management: Deciding Number of Redistribution Stockists and their Locations R. Srinivasan 1993
54 Ramachandran Ganesh M.Tech Study of Financing in the Silk Industry B.G. Raghavendra 1993
55 Sagvekar Uday T M.Tech HMT Watches: Market Plan for Tapping the Institutional Market Potential R. Srinivasan 1993
56 Shetty Hariprasad M.Tech ALIS: A Decision Support System for Product Allocation R. Srinivasan 1993
57 Trivedi Niraj B M.Tech Decision Support System for Credit Policy R. Srinivasan 1993
58 Ubgrade Rahul R M.Tech Cars: A DSS for Milk Tanker Routing Jayram K Sankaran 1993
59 Wagadre Anup Kumar M.Tech Demand Forecast and Pricing Policy for Cement Industry N. Somasekhara 1993
60 Bhamburkar Rahul M M.Tech Determination of the Target Market’s Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Mico and its Products-Halogen Bulbs and Service R. Srinivasan 1994
61 Crossley J M.Tech Liquidity of Stocks K. Chandrasekhar 1994
62 Kharosekar Girish R M.Tech Project Appraisal and Feasibility Study in Venture Capital Industry 1994
63 M.A Nasimudheen M.Tech Distributed Center Replenishment System Jayram K. Sankaran 1994
64 Murali A.V M.Tech Furnace Scheduling in a Foundary Jayram K. Sankaran 1994
65 P.C Manoj M.Tech Investment Decision Support Using a Detective Database System Vijay Chandru & K. Chandrasekhar 1994
66 Patil Ajay A M.Tech Algorithms for Optimal Portfolio Selection with Fixed Transaction Costs Jayram K. Sankaran 1994
67 Prasad H.V.V M.Tech Network Model-Based DSS for Finished Product Allocation in BPL Limited Jayram K. Sankaran 1994
68 Ravi Kumar K M.Tech Due Diligence for Venture Capital Investments K. Chandrasekhar 1994
69 Shah Sujalkumar Rameshchandra M.Tech Market Analyzer- A DSS for Financial Decision Making K. Chandrasekhar 1994
70 Sreenivasa Reddy I M.Tech Portfolio Diversification and Venture Capital Fund Size: A Simulation Study K. Chandrasekhar and K.N. Krishnaswamy 1994
71 Aggarwal Prabhat M.Tech Short-run Performance of IPOs in India K. Chandrasekhar 1994
72 Agarwal Shishir M.Tech DSS for Inventory Replenishment and Distribution of Spares Jayram K. Sankaran 1995
73 Choudhary Anant M.Tech Regulatory Systems in Developed and Emerging Securities Markets: A Comparative Study K. Chandrasekhar 1995
74 Indane Sachin K M.Tech Redefining Marketing Strategies for an Accounting Package E.X. for Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore R. Srinivasan 1995
75 Jays C M.Tech Executive Turnover: Intensions Desires and Psychological Quits K.B. Akhilesh 1995
76 Joshi Manoj M.Tech Decision Support System for Tea Buying Vijay Chandru 1995
77 Kumar Pradeep M.Tech Determinants of Initial-Listing and After-Market Performance of Indian Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) K. Chandrasekhar 1995
78 Lakshmanan Anita M.Tech Intelligent Decision Support System for Stock Selection Decisions K. Chandrasekhar 1995
79 Lokeswara Reddy M M.Tech Efficiency of the Indian Stock Market with Respect to Rights Issued K. Chandrasekhar 1995
80 Muraleedhar R M.Tech Capital Raising through GDRs-‘Market Integration, Pricing, and the Effect of the Issue on Underlying K. Chandrasekhar 1995
81 Srinivasa Raghavan N.R M.Tech Location and Sizing of LPG Bottling Plants Jayram K. Sankaran 1995
82 Thomas Som M.Tech Investment Decision-Making for Central Air-Conditioning Projects B.G. Raghavendra & M.V. Krishna Murthy 1995
83 Walia Tajinder Paul Singh M.Tech Understanding the Current Retailing Scenario with Special Focus on Fast Moving Consumer Goods-A Project Carried out with Britannica Industries Limited R. Srinivasan 1995
84 Agarwal Ashish M.Tech Decision support system for Investment Decisions K. Chandrasekhar & Vijay Chandru 1996
85 Madhusudhan Reddy G M.Tech Analyzing Consumer Buying Behaviour and Brand in the 2 Wheeler 100cc Segment R. Srinivasan 1996
86 Mazumdar Kunal M.Tech Pre-Launch Market Study for the Bar-Coding Range of Products of WIPRO R. Srinivasan 1996
87 Nigam Ashutosh M.Tech Criterion to Assess the Prospects of a Company Desiring to Go Public: A Discriminant Analysis K. Chandrasekhar 1996
88 Praksh Suraj M.Tech Factors Determining the Success or Failure of a Venture: An Empirical Study K. Chandrasekhar 1996
89 Prasanna Kumar C.V M.Tech Diffusion Model of Innovation Incorporating Lanchester Model of Dynamic Competition Between Product Categories and Switching Behaviiour between Successive Generations of Technologies R. Srinivasan 1996
90 Rama Krishnan G.K M.Tech Investigation into the Factors Influencing the Share Price Movements-The Indian Scenario K. Chandrasekhar 1996
91 Ravi Kumar Y.V.S M.Tech Determinants of Stock Returns in the Indian Stock Market K. Chandrasekhar 1996
92 Shiv Prasad K.H.K M.Tech Market and Industry Factors in Indian Stock Market Returns K. Chandrasekhar 1996
93 Suneel Kumar K M.Tech Marketing Plan for the ‘Trendz’ Causal Shirts and Trousers-A Pre-Launch Study Undertaken for Mafatlal Industries Ltd. R. Srinivasan 1996
94 Tripathy Subhrakanta M.Tech Development of a Decision Support System for Corporate Manpower Planning B.G. Raghavan 1996
95 Adithan D M.Tech M.Tech
Auto Ancillary Industry in Bangalore Status, Linkage, and Prospects
M.H. Balasubrahmanya 1997
96 Bhave Ajay A M.Tech Study on the Impact of New Economic Policy on Small-Scale Machine Tool Manufacturing Units 1997
97 Lahotia Rajesh M.Tech Market Potential for Large Systems and Solutions R. Srinivasan 1997
98 Nagesh B M.Tech Computer-aided Routing System Based on Fisher-Jaikumar’S Assignment Heuristic for Vehicle Routing B.G. Raghavendra & Vijay Chandru 1997
99 Nischal Rajesh M.Tech Integrated Materials Management- A Systems Approach to Integrated Materials Management Methodologies Vijay Chandru 1997
100 P Satish M.Tech Qualitative Requirements Planning for Tea B.G. Raghavendra & Vijay Chandru 1997
101 Patel Bhaskar M.Tech Analysis of Customer’s Expectations and Requirements About I.T. Services R. Srinivasan 1997
102 Pradhan Hemant Kumar M.Tech Design and Implementation of “HOT PACK”- A Computerised Management Game for the Hotel Industry Vijay Chandru 1997
103 Sakhare Sanjay S M.Tech Retailer’s Perception and Product Attributes for HMT Watches R. Srinivasan 1997
104 Swaroop Prem M.Tech Three-Stage Logistics Planning System B.G. Raghavendra & Vijay Chandru 1997
105 V Ranga Durai M.Tech Decision Support System for Portfolio Management K. Chandrasekhar 1997
106 Ahuja Rajesh M.Tech Analysis of Test Market Model for Fast Moving Consumer Goods A Project Carried out for Hindustan Lever Ltd. R. Srinivasan 1998
107 Bharath Kumar Y M.Tech ERP: A Study on Implementation-And Proposal of a Futuristic Model N. Viswanadham 1998
108 Dashora Alok Shankar M.Tech Study of Global Business Perceptions of Indian Managers K.B. Akhilesh 1998
109 Dinakar T M.Tech Simulation Study of Performance of MRP Based System N. Viswanadham 1998
110 Ghosh Sourav M.Tech Developing a Prototype of Data Warehouse for Hospitals Vijay Chandru 1998
111 Gond Narayan M.Tech Employee Retention K.B. Akhilesh 1998
112 Kulkarni Umesh A M.Tech Developing a Prototype of Data Warehouse for Telecommunications Database Vijay Chandru 1998
113 Mallewadikar Mahesh R M.Tech Devlopment of Allocation Model for Channel Management at Asia Brown Boveri India Limited, Bangalore: Industrial Low Voltage Division R. Srinivasan 1998
114 Rajpal B M.Tech Data Warehousing on Credit Card Transactions Vijay Chandru 1998
115 Reddy C. Amarnath M.Tech Organizational Aspects in the Implementation of Information Technology Enabled Business Process K.B. Akhilesh 1998
116 Reddy Gandhari Bharath M.Tech Outsourcing of Enterprise Network Management H. Krishnamurthy 1998
117 Sarma S.V.Bhaskara M.Tech Neural Credit Scoring K. Chandrasekhar 1998
118 Sridhar R M.Tech Strategic Management- Turn Around Strategy for Transformer Factory and Switchgear Factory of NGEF Limited, Bangalore R. Srinivasan 1998
119 Sudev Alampalli M.Tech Development of a Human Resource Planning Model for a Hotel Oranizations K.B. Akhilesh 1998
120 Surendranath G M.Tech Study of Job Involvement, Adjustment Satisfaction and Expectations of Employees K.B. Akhilesh 1998
121 Vijay K.V M.Tech Development of Corporate Information System for HMT Ltd. H. Krishnamurthy 1998
122 M.Tech
123 B. V. Fani Vamsidhar M.Tech Bond Ratings Classification Models Ravi Anshuman 1999
124 Baindur Chaitanya V M.Tech Developing an Interface to Schedule a Job Shop Under Capacities Environment Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay 1999
125 Gupta V.Chithambar M.Tech Development of Computer-Based Project Monitoring System (CPMS) for KSCST M. Mathirajan 1999
126 Rajendra Prasad K M.Tech Development of a Simulation Package for Asset-Liability Management V.V.S. Sarma 1999
127 Ramshankar, K M.Tech Mathematical Modelling of Finite Capacity Job Shop Scheduling Using Theory of Constraints Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay 1999
128 Reddy C. Sivakumar M.Tech Development of DSS for Manpower Planning Based on Performance Appraisal K.B. Akhilesh
129 Sarvesh G M.Tech Heuristic Based Approach for Scheduling Heat-Treatment Furnaces in a Foundation M. Mathirajan 1999
130 Subba Rao, Manepalli P.K.V M.Tech Knowledge Discovery in Databases to Support Business Decision-Making in Customer Relationship Management Vijay Chandru 1999
131 Chaudhary Neeraj M.Tech Knowledge Discovery in Databases to Support Business Decision-Making in Customer Relationship Management K.B. Akhilesh 2000
132 Madhusudhanan A.K M.Tech Design and Development of a Skill Inventory System for Use in the Computer Software Industry K.B. Akhilesh 2000
133 N.S Jay Prakash M.Tech Technology Transfer from Lab to Land Case of Silk Technologies K.B. Akhilesh & Mary Mathew 2000
134 Pammi Srinivasa Kishore M.Tech Software and Business Process Specification for a Project Management Information System (PMIS) in a Software Organization Sarma V.V.S & Srinivasa Raghavan 2000
135 Phani Kumar P M.Tech Informational Classificatory Model for an IPR Web Page Phase-1 Mary Mathew & N R Srinivasa Raghavan 2000
136 R Ashwin Kumar M.Tech Development of a Decision Support System Using Stratified Probability Proportion to Size Sampling With Replacement to Estimate the Retail Sales and Market Share of a Company Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay 2000
137 Sontakke Sheryas S M.Tech Retention Strategy for a Three Years’ Stay: A Case of an IT Organization Mary Mathew 2000
138 Unni Krishnan R M.Tech Computerized Management Game for Stock Market Simulation Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay 2000