Sl. No. Author Course Title Supervisor(s) Year
1 Chaudhary, Neeraj M.Tech Knowledge Discovery in Databases to Support Business Decision Making in Customer Relationship Management K.B. Akhilesh 2000
2 Madhusudhanan, A.K M.Tech Design and Development of a Skill Inventory System for Use in the Computer Software Industry K.B. Akhilesh 2000
3 N.S, Jay Praksh M.Tech Technology Transfer from Lab to Land Case of Silk Technologies K.B. Akhilesh and Mary Mathew 2000
4 Pammi, Srinivasa Kishore M.Tech Software and Business Process Specification for a Project management Information System (PMIS) in a Software Organization Sarma, V.V.S and Srinivasa Raghavan 2000
5 Phani Kumar, P M.Tech Informational Classificatory Model for an IPR Web Page Phase-1 Mary Mathew and Srinivasa Raghavan 2000
6 R, Ashwin Kumar M.Tech Development of a Decision Support System Using Stratified Probability Proportion to Size Sampling With Replacement to Estimate the Retail Sales and Market Share of a Company Mukhopadhyay, C 2000
7 Sontakke, Sheryas S M.Tech Retention Strategy for a Three Years’ Stay: A Case of an IT Organization Mary Mathew 2000
8 Unni Krishnan, R M.Tech Computerized Management Game for Stock Market Simulation Mukhopadhyay, C 2000
9 B, V. Fani Vamsidhar M.Tech Bond Ratings Classification Models Ravi Anshuman 1999
10 Baindur, Chaitanya V M.Tech Developing an Interface to Schedule a Job Shop Under Capacitites Environment Mukhopadhyay, C 1999
11 Gupta, V.Chithambar M.Tech Development of Computer-Based Project Monitoring System (CPMS) for KSCST M. Mathirajan 1999
12 Nataraj, T M.Tech Improving the Operational Efficiency of a Soft-Drink Bottling Plant Mukhopadhyay, C 1999
13 Rajendra Prasad, K M.Tech Development of a Simulation Package for Asset-Liability Management V.V.S. Sarma 1999
14 Ramshankar, K M.Tech Mathematical Modelling of Finite Capacity Job Shop Scheduling Using Theory of Constraints Mukhopadhyay, C 1999
15 Reddy, C. Sivakumar M.Tech Development of DSS for Manpower Planning Based on Performance Appraisal K.B. Akhilesh 1999
16 Sarvesh, G M.Tech Heuristic Based Approach for Scheduling Heat-Tratment Furnaces in a Foundation M. Mathirajan 1999
17 Subba Rao, Manepalli P.K.V M.Tech Knowledge Discovery in Databases to Support Business Decision Making in Customer Relationship Management Vijay Chandru 1999
18 Ahuja, Rajesh M.Tech Analysis of Test Market Model for Fast Moving Consumer Goods A Project Carried out for Hindustan Lever Ltd. R. Srinivasan 1998
19 Bharath Kumar, Y M.Tech ERP: A Study on Implementation-And Proposal of a Futuristic Model N. Viswanadham 1998
20 Dashora, Alok Shankar M.Tech Study of Global Business Perceptions of Indian Managers K.B. Akhilesh 1998
21 Dinakar, T M.Tech Simulation Study of Performance of MRP Based System N. Viswanadham 1998
22 Ghosh, Sourav M.Tech Developing a Prototype of Data Warehouse for Hospitals Vijay Chandru 1998
23 Gond, Narayan M.Tech Employee Retention K.B. Akhilesh 1998
24 Kulkarni, Umesh A M.Tech Developing a Prototype of Data Warehouse for Telecommunications Database Vijay Chandru 1998
25 Mallewadikar, Mahesh R M.Tech Devlopment of Allocation Model for Channel Management at Asia Brown Boveri India Limited, Bangalore: Industrial Low Voltage Division R. Srinivasan 1998
26 Rajpal, B M.Tech Data Warehousing on Credit Card Transactions Vijay Chandru 1998
27 Reddy, C. Amarnath  M.Tech Organizational Aspects in the Implementation of Information Technology Enabled Business Process Reengineering K.B. Akhilesh 1998
28 Reddy, Gandhari Bharath M.Tech Outsourcing of Enterprise Network Management H. Krishnamurthy 1998