Dr Arvind Kumar
   Vice President (R&D),
   Optym, Bangalore
 Prof. Carlos Henggeler Antunes
   President - Portuguese Operational Research Society,
   University of Coimbra
 Shri V. Chandrasekaran
   Director-5G Core,
   Network Applications and Cloud Infrastructure,
   Digital Services, Ericsson, Chennai
 Prof. Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
   IFORS : Conferece - Editor,
   Poznan University of Technology, Poland
 Prof. Ramakrishnan Ramanathan
   Professor-Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship,
   Essex Business School,
   University of Essex, UK
 Dr. Viswanath Kumar Ganesan
   TCS, Chennai
 Prof. Yu-Hong Dai
   President - Operations Research Society of China,
   Feng Kang Chair Professor,
   Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science,
   Chinese Academy of Sciences