Research Projects


Centre For Sponsored Schemes & Projects

Sl.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Investigators Duration
1 Social and Technological Contexts of Knowledge – Based Entrepreneurial Emergence in Bangalore DST, New Delhi Parameshwar P. Iyer and N.S. Anuradha 2010 – 2012
2 Social Experiment- Public Participation in the infrastructure aspects at the IISc. CiSTUP Parameshwar P. Iyer and N.S. Anuradha April 2010
3 INDO – US Science Communication Awareness Creation Workshop Indo-US Science and Technology Fund N.S. Anuradha Mar. 2010 -Dec. 2010
4 Integrating hawkers and vendors in the pedestrian policy and facility design guidelines for Bangalore city CiSTUP Anjula Gurtoo Jan. 2010 -Dec. 2010
5 Domestic Water Pricing for Demand Management CiSTUP Parthasarathy Ramachandran Jan. 2010 -Jun. 2011
6 Women in Science -Trained Women Scientists – How many are we losing and why? Involved as Advisor Indian Academy of Science N.S. Anuradha 2008 Feb. -2010 March
7 Multilateral funding and governance: impact analysis of the Karnataka power sector Citizen’s voluntary initiative for the city (CIVIC), Bangalore Anjula Gurtoo Dec. 2007 -Dec. 2008
8 Electricity sector in Karnataka; Emergent Issues and civil society networking United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington D.C., USA Anjula Gurtoo Apr. 2006 -Jun. 2008
9 INTERMAN- Intercultural Relations as a Matter of Education, Professional Training and Corporate Management German Ministry for Education & Research (BMBF) N.S. Anuradha 2006-2008 April
10 The Influence of Technological Innovations on the Growth of Manufacturing SMEs DST, New Delhi M.H. Bala Subrahmanya, M. Mathirajan and K.N. Krishnaswamy 2006 – 2008
11 Transparency and wages: study of the formal and the informal sector Wage Indicator Foundation, The Netherlands Anjula Gurtoo Feb. 2005 -Dec. 2008
12 Cross-cultural learning styles European Commission N.S. Anuradha 2005 (2 years)
13 Wage Indicator European Commission Anjula Gurtoo 2005 (3 years)
14 Communication Development Program for the Administrative Staff at IISc. IISc – Students & Staff Welfare Amenities – Minor Amenities and Welfare N.S. Anuradha 2004-2005
15 Design of shared IP Exchange for product development in Indian IT MCIT, New Delhi Mary Mathew + ECE faculty 2004
16 Communications Development IISc N.S. Anuradha 2004 (1 year)
17 European – Union Cross Cultural Learning Styles Project European Union India Cross-Cultural Economic Program N.S. Anuradha 2004-2006
18 A software environment for analysis and improvement of public urban transport in Indian cities TDM, MHRD N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan + CSA faculty 2003 (3 years)
19 National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning MHRD, Govt. of India Prof. N.J.Rao (Coordinator)+ 15 faculty from several Depts. 2003
20 Development of national innovation measurement in SMEs DSIR, New Delhi Mary Mathew 2002
21 E-commerce and Supply Chain Engineering DST-SERC N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan 2002 (3 Years)
22 AGAMA: A grid based architecture for Manufacturing applications DST-SERC N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan 2002 (2 Years)
23 A study of energy consumption pattern and potential for energy efficiency in small industry clusters in Karnataka MSPI-GOI M.H. Bala Subrahmanya, and P. Balachandra 2002
24 Software and IP strategy, licensing and open source software MCIT, New Delhi ECE faculty + Mary Mathew 2000
25 Workshop for Planning, Implementation Strategies of Research Centres for ILTS MCIT, New Delhi N.J. Rao 2000 (Two months)
26 Resource Centre for ILTS- Kannada MCIT, New Delhi N.J. Rao, N.R. Srinivasa Raghavan, N.S. Anuradha + Faculty from ECE and EE 2000 (4 Years)
27 Creation of bilingual instructional aid for German – Hindi TDIL – Min. of Information Technology, Computer Development Division, New Delhi N.S. Anuradha 2000-2003
28 Creation of Information base in Hindi for schools pertaining to German History TDIL – Min. of Information Technology, Computer Development Division, New Delhi N.S. Anuradha 2000-2003
29 FASSBINDER: Future Actions on Software and Services based on Market Analysis, Effects of International Factors, and Return on Research Investment European Commission P. Balachandra & H.N. Chanakya June 2006 -May 2008