Research Programs

The research program trains the next generation of scholars to pursue research questions with sophisticated skills and insights through an intensive, methodologically-based curriculum. Understanding and solving problems of public policy, management and IT demands a program that integrates disciplinary perspectives, advances theoretical models, and improves the quality of methodological and computer-based tools.


The candidates registering for Ph. D. is expected to make a significant research contribution for the award of the degree.  The program includes a research training program (RTP) of 6 credits for those with a ME/MTech/MSc(engg) and 18 credits for those with BE/BTech/MSc/MA. Typical duration for students in the department is 4 to 5 years.

Institute scholarships:

Regular research students are awarded scholarships from the date of their joining. The value of the scholarship per month for regular students enrolled in different programs is given below.

Students are awarded scholarship/fellowship from the date of joining the Institute. The value of the scholarship/fellowship per month for students enrolled in  different programs of the Institute is as given below.

Ph D                                                  –         Rs. 25000 / 28000



  1. Identify your research advisor in the first term
  2. Takes courses for the RTP in consultation with your research advisor
  3. Appear for the comprehensive exam with in the 2 year time limit
  4. Complete your research and submit the thesis as soon as possible (upper limit of 6 years)

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