International Students

Brief Checklist for Visiting Students in Chronological Order:

  1. Study the profile of the faculty members.
  2. Email a brief letter of proposal to the contact person.
    The letter of proposal should include:
    a. your academic background
    b. your special research interest
    c. your funding
    d. your intended scope of stay
  3. If the proposal has been accepted, fill out the application form for short term students on the webpage of
    the IRC.
  4. If the application has been accepted, receive the letter of acceptance and the visa request letter.
  5. Approach the Indian Embassy or the Indian Consulate General as soon as possible and file the application on the basis of the letter of acceptance and the visa request letter.
  6. If the visa application has been accepted, prepare all documents for the arrival at IISc, such as passport photocopies and passport photographs.
  7. Kindly update the contact person at the department about all relevant changes related to your visit.
  8. Inform the contact person about your exact date and time of arrival, so that transportation from the airport to the campus can be arranged.
  9. Carry a printout of both the extended as well as the brief checklist with you.
  10. Once arrived on campus, enjoy the first meeting with your colleagues and your advisor.
  11. Register at the IRC, located in the main building, first floor, right side wing. Receive an official letter of the IRC, identifying you officially as a visiting student at the IISc.
    Receive the Identity card from the Security office at the SBI gate.
    Register at the Police station. Arrive early (before 10.00 am) to avoid a second visit the next day. In case of early arrival, the waiting time for the actual confirmation will be approximately three hours on the same morning.
  12. Turn to the hostel office, which will provide you with a room and in case with a pass for mess alimentation. Please make sure that you carry enough money with you to pay the required deposit of (mess) and (housing). Bring at least one passport photograph and one official letter of the IRC.
  13. If interested, introduce yourself to the Students’ Council and enquire for a common bicycle.
  14. In case needed, approach the Police station again for renewing the residence permit.
  15. Kindly collect suggestions for improving the visiting student program during your stay and share your thoughts with the contact person before leave.

Comprehensive Checklist for Visiting Students:

  1. Visiting student profile/academic requirements You are considered a visting/exchange student if you are staying for one or two semesters at the department and then return to your home institute or university to complete your studies. That is to say you will not obtain a degree from IISc, but you will be able to obtain class credits from our department. Prospective visiting students should have an academic background in Economics, Business Studies, Psychology or Social Work and should belong to the group of to performers in their batch. Prospective students should at least be in their second year of the Master’s programme and must have completed the first course at the home institute/university. Undergraduate or first year students are not eligible to participate in the exchange programme. Likewise, students holding an Indian Passport will not be considered for the exchange programme.
  2. Contact person:
    Dr. Parthasarathy Ramachandran
    Associate Professor
    Department of Management Studies
    Indian Institute of Science
    Bangalore – 560012, India
    Phone: +91 80 22932377(Off)
    Fax: +91 80 23604534
    E –
  3. Department address:
    Department of Management Studies
    Indian Institute of Science,
    Bangalore – 560 012, India
  4. Deadlines/important dates:
  5. Proposal requirements:
    A proposal should be a brief email addressed to the contact person containing four information’s:
    a. What is your academic background and which are your academic achievements?
    b. What is your special research interest? Most importantly, please suggest a faculty member of the department who is qualified to advise in that very field.
    c. On what sort of funding would your visit be based?
    d. What is your proposed time scope of the stay? If your proposal has been accepted, you will be asked for an application.
    e. Application form for short term students Fill out the application form for short term students on the webpage of the International Relations Cell (IRC). The role of the IRC is to oversee and coordinate all international programs of the Institute.
  6. Visiting students should fill out the form at least three months in advance of the proposed date of arrival so that there is enough time to complete all formalities. The IISc (IRC) will in turn send a letter of acceptance and a visa request letter (for use of visa request letter, see below, point 18.) This is mandatory for a visa application as a visiting student.
  7. Visa Students have to receive their visas from the Indian Embassy respectively an Indian Consulate General in their country based on the letter of confirmation issued to the student by the IISc (see above, point).
  8. Both a “research visa” and a “student visa” may be appropriate, while a “student visa” application is more likely to be confirmed. Please note that the process of visa application may take much more time than expected. Therefore, please make sure that you apply as early as possible.