Consulting Details

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$\bullet$ QUEST 2003-05 Quality Engineering & Taguchi Methods.
$\bullet$ HLL 2002 Bayesian Statistics in Marketing.
$\bullet$ Titan 1999 Data Mining & Finite Population Sampling in Marketing.
$\bullet$ Titan 1998 Static Population Demographical Study.
$\bullet$ TVS 1997 Accelerated life testing.
$\bullet$ BPL 1996 Non-repairable System Reliability.
$\bullet$ L & T 1996 Repairable System Reliability.
$\bullet$ INDAL 1995-96 Spatial Statistics.
Center for Educational Assess-
ment, University of Missouri
Psychometric Item Response Analysis.
NCAA Football Team,
University of Missouri
Development of a Permutation Test.
$\bullet$ Miscelleneous Standard Stuff.